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Little Twist Scientist Party

Welcome to the laboratory young scientists we have the solution to the perfect party with a twist! Grab your lab coats, goggles and gloves and step into a celebration of curiosity, creativity and endless exploration! Let your party guests embark on a day of scientific fun and discovery as little Einsteins in the making. A mystery, a riddle, a puzzle of a quest, there are wonders to discover and hypotheses to test! A fusion of education and entertainment creates a unique party where learning is an adventure and curiosity is the key to unlocking the wonders of the science world. This party is set to be explosive, a real chemical reaction, a party that smells like success!

Step into the Laboratory

Colorful Balloons

Your Day, Your Party

Our Little Scientist Party is a choice that is guarenteed to go out with a bang! Your scientist entertainer Rosie, will meet and greet your guests into your party whilst modelling balloons for each of them and provide themed music and party games for the full duration of your party. Pass mooshu the cat, freeze for scientist statues, hunt the lab tools and help with some of the most fun experiments there are! We recommend a short break for a feast and happy birthday sing-a-long whilst each child will receive an awesome facepaint glitter tattoo to dazzle your goggles off! This party promises to bring science and celebration together!


What's Included

• Balloon Modelling • Pass the parcel • Dancing • Competitions • Treasure Hunt • Medals Prizes • Mini Disco Lights • Parachute Games • Bubble Machine • Puppet Fun • Pom Poms • Limbo • Birthday Gift • Facepaint Glitter Tattoos (90 &120 minute parties only) All subject to time and theme.

Create Your Perfect Party

Prices from just £145, with midweek discounts available! Pick your party length from 60, 90, or 120 minutes, or contact us for custom celebrations!

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